Exceeding expectations is our standard business. Our numbers prove it, our competition fears it and our clients attest to it. We wouldn’t have it any other way.


Communication is the cornerstone upon which our receivables management programs are built. By carefully listening to our customers’ issues and objectives, we design a customized strategy targeted to meet their unique goals. Furthermore, upon implementation of our services, we keep our clients continually informed as to the progress and success of our efforts.

Open communication ensures that our clients are familiar with the status of their accounts, and that we are sensitive to the urgency of their evolving needs and priorities. This union of ideas and solutions assures that our clients’ individual needs are addressed swiftly, and that a partnership based upon accessibility, responsiveness and trust is established early in our relationships.


At RSI, we insist upon thorough education of all staff prior to exposure to our client’s accounts. What’s more, industry-specific training ensures each customer will be treated intelligently and professionally. Continuous education in skip tracing and asset discovery techniques, legal industry mandates, such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and confidentiality training assure that both our clients and their customers are treated with dignity and respect.

At RSI, we value the relationships we build with our clients. In keeping with that philosophy, as a service to our customers, RSI’s personnel are trained not only to provide support for our own recovery efforts, but also to provide training for our clients and their staff. As a result, our customers feel cared for, and our staff take pride in work that is well-respected and highly-valued.


The technology at a corporation’s disposal is only as efficient as those trained to use it. RSI employs the most advanced technology and has the finest staff in the industry on hand to apply it. RSI utilizes “Intelligent Workstations,” from which Recovery Specialists generate thousands of calls a day utilizing predictive power dialing, on-line national database skip tracing and on-line links to client systems, generate both faster customer service response and, in turn, more revenue.

Senior management utilizes these same systems to control workflow, measure performance and communicate our progress in an effort to keep our clients more informed on their accounts. This Total Electronic Account Management (TEAM) system automates tedious administrative tasks and allows our Management and Recovery Specialists to focus their efforts toward maximizing our Clients’ recovery. It is this intelligent use of people and technology which consistently places RSI ahead of other recovery companies.


Because RSI has never settled for the average employee or mediocre performance, we cannot be measured by average industry standards. To that end, RSI is concurrently one of the fastest growing firms in its markets and surpasses its competition in accessibility, professionalism, integrity and percentage of debt recovery. These claims are routinely proven as we prevail in every market in which we are tested. At RSI, we build more than solutions; we build relationships. Our success is built upon them, and our reputation depends on them.

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