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RSI is a Premier Receivables Management Company, Offering a Suite of Services

As one of the most established and reputable firms in the collection industry, we offer fair rates, quality service, and a true commitment to helping improve the timely collection of your receivables.

We utilize proven technology and an experienced management team along with well-trained recovery specialists that get results.

How we can help


RSI understands the need for securing confidential/private, verbal and electronic information as well as other sensitive data. RSI maintains internal controls such as numerous layers of security and compliance in place to ensure that verbal, written and electronic data remains secure.

For RSI, the broad scope of “compliance” incorporates many facets of State Law, Federal Law, and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations as well as compliance with client contracts. RSI believes it is vitally important to have a strong compliance program to cover all facets of our business. RSI recognizes that applying the listed rules, regulations and protocols as a foundation for recovery services will ensure the Clients the most ethical, legal and successful means of recovery services.

Security Protocols

Payment Card Industry (PCI/DSS)
SOC 2, Type II
Tenable NESSUS Vulnerability Scan
Data Encryption / Firewall Security
Secure File Transfer Protocols (SFTP)
Need-to-Know Access & Confidentiality
Annual Risk Assessments

Regulatory Compliance

FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices)
HIPAA-HITECH (Healthcare Privacy Standards)
FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act)
Red Flag Rules (Identify Theft Protocols)
Publications 1075 (Tax Specific)
UDAAP (Unfair, Deceptive or Abusive Acts)
Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA)

The combination of the assessment and RSI supporting policies & procedures demonstrate RSI’s compliance with Privacy & Security regulations. RSI understands the importance of compliance and therefore subscribes to and is a member of both the ACA International’s Code of Ethics program as well as voluntarily registered with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to assist with compliance regulations.


RSI has made the investment in technology to be able to move rapidly, remain flexible and create the most seamless client-host system interface possible. RSI has established a nationwide Wide Area Network (WAN) enabling our systems to be centralized, yet accessible, from anywhere in the country. All products are regularly updated with the latest (tested) application releases. RSI’s experience with managing this environment is one of RSI’s key advantages in the marketplace. RSI has the advantage to utilize the following in order to assure complete competency in providing quality collection services:

  • VoIP Dialing Technology
  • Real Time Speech Recognition Coaching and Compliance Software
  • Multi-Modal / Omni-Channel communication (text, email, etc.)
  • Online Payment System (Portals w/ Virtual Negotiators)
  • VoIP Telephone System Call Monitoring and Recording
  • Remote PC Control and Viewing
  • Screen Recording Software
  • Propensity-to-Pay Scoring Models: Standard & Proprietary (Custom)
  • Client View Portal – (Web based Tool for Client Reporting and Account Review)
  • Credit Reporting (To all three (3) Bureaus)
  • Electronic Skip-Tracing – (Sites/Databases)
  • TCPA Compliant Manual Contact System

Our Results Speak for Themselves

Exceeding expectations is our standard business. Our numbers prove it, our competition fears it and our clients attest to it. We wouldn’t have it any other way.


Years Experience

15+ yrs

Customer Tenure

Our Customers

975+ K

Volume Referred Annually

8.5+ M

Calls Handled Annually


Gross Collections Annually


RSI’s professionalism, advanced technology, quality personnel and continuous training result in “The Solution” to receivables management. This professional approach sets RSI apart from the competition. RSI has successfully established strong and lasting business relationships resulting from:

  • Higher Dollar Recovery
  • Accessibility of the Project Manager
  • Responsiveness to Client Requests
  • Customized Reporting
  • Our Philosophy – Customer Service
  • Executive Core with Experience & High Competency
  • Technology / Flexibility for the Client
  • Consultation



  • “We have been extremely pleased with RSI’s support in our delinquent collections process and they remain a constant and steady vendor for us. They are quick to communicate any changes in technology, file transfer processes, etc. to make sure we are always able to provide the most up to date and accurate information for them to work with. They are timely with their payments, billing, and collections process. I look forward to our continued partnership with these services and would highly recommend then as a vendor to other organizations.”

    – – Zachary Tarlton, County/Municipal Client
  • “RSI Enterprises, Inc. is responsive and always provides timely updates, recommendations, and collection performance on assigned debt.”

    – – Debbe Brady, Credit Union Client
  • “RSI has always been very understanding and accommodating our challenges and special requirements for outsourcing. Any time we have a problem, they are willing and able to work with us timely and efficiently.”

    – – City/Municipal Client
  • “RSI offers proficient collection services and maintains a strong working relationship with us.”

    – – State Government Client
  • “RSI provides excellent quality of service, business relationship, collection performance, cost control and overall customer satisfaction. This outstanding performance has been realized over a 20+ year partnership.”

    – – City/Municipal Client
  • “I get that no one ‘likes’ to deal with debt collectors but, I have to say from my personal experience with RSI, they were exceptionally kind and courteous with each call I made or received. Thank you so much for being professional and helpful!”

    – – RSI Consumer – Amber (Google Reviews)
  • “The customer service was splendid. All my problems were solved.”

    – – RSI Consumer – Suzanne (Google Reviews)


Clients Stay with RSI because RSI Performs!

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