RSI provides a Suite of Services to such industries as Government (Federal, State, Cities, Towns, and Counties), Financial Institutions (Credit Unions and Banks), Healthcare (Hospitals, Physicians, Medical Centers, and Medical Groups), Higher Education Institutions, etc.

The Suite of Services RSI provides:

  • Primary Debt Collection (with above average liquidation / recovery rates)
  • Pre-Bad Debt Collections / Extended Business Office (EBO) / Customer Service / Call Center
  • Skip-tracing Services / Mail-Management Services
  • Automated Dialer Services / In-bound & Out-bound Call Management / IVR
  • Automated Messaging Services (mass messaging / call campaigns)
  • Probability-to-Pay Scoring Models (Initial & Proprietary)
  • Electronic Payment Processing – Online Portal
  • Customized Letters / Notices
  • Customized Reporting / Analytics
  • Client View Web – Online Client Portal (available 24/7)
  • Credit Reporting
  • Training for Client’s Internal Staff
  • Client Training

Qualifications and Experience

RSI, for the past 31 years, has been responsible for managing the professional, ethical and successful recovery effort for several hundred thousand accounts, totaling billions of dollars, for various entities. RSI is a proven performance leader in the collection marketplace. RSI’s customers will attest to our professional customer service and superior financial performance.

RSI has past and current experience in performing varying services throughout the revenue cycle/receivables vertical.

Please find below a list of some of RSI’s satisfied clients:

  • Union County, NC
  • Racine County, WI, Clerk of Courts
  • City of Fresno, CA
  • Washington, D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue
  • California Department of Justice
  • Credit Unions: Apple Federal Credit Union, Congressional FCU, Landmark FCU, State Employees

RSI has experienced tremendous growth and unparalleled success in the collection market. To realize this success, RSI has competed against most of the best-known firms providing collection services to state and local agencies. RSI consistently outperforms its competitive colleagues. In order to produce results and to remain a contender in the collection industry, RSI must have the knowledge of this type of collection effort and how to serve the unique needs and requirements of each entity. RSI has a proven track record of providing such services to various programs; RSI clearly demonstrates that it has expert program leadership, technical abilities, built in collection processes, financial performance, and the knowledge and understanding of this industry to successfully meet the needs and requirements of its clients.

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