Our Markets / Healthcare

RSI provides a Suite of Services to such industries as Government (Federal, State, Cities, Towns, and Counties), Financial Institutions (Credit Unions and Banks) and Healthcare (Hospitals, Physicians, Medical Centers, and Medical Groups).

It is with these experiences and capabilities that RSI can offer successful and quality assured services. All services are available as stand-alone or bundled products and can be tailored to create a custom solution that fits the unique needs of each client.



As an extended business office (EBO) partner, RSI represents you on a first party level. Inbound/outbound calls are made and answered as ‘patient financial services (PFS)’, making it invisible that the call and subsequent collection is handled by an outsource partner. All letters/notices are sent using the client letterhead. This is a service conducted from our office with our “Customer Service” staff.


RSI processes accounts and pursues collection activity under State and Federal regulation guidelines. This involves sending notices, making phone calls and pursuing litigation, if authorized by the client.


RSI can conduct your medical insurance billing from the date you drop the bill or as a supplement to your efforts after you have filed the first claim; or, we can also process secondary or tertiary claims as well as follow up on claims not paid or partially paid. RSI, during this process, handles all appeals, denials, credit balances, and eligibility verification and can also assist with payer contracts/meetings.


RSI provides reimbursement services specific to Third-Party Liability (TPL) claims. We will seek to maximize recovery from the proper, higher reimbursement sources on each claim. This service includes but is not limited to: the filing of medical liens, data collection, researching and identifying third-party liability (i.e. accident reports, etc.), managing claim denials, negotiating with third-party carriers and/or attorney’s, and patient collections (where applicable). We assist a wide range of medical providers who diagnose and treat TPL patients.


  • Technology Solutions / Services
    • – Dialer Services
    • – Probability-to-Pay Scoring
    • – Online Payment Portal – Custom / Branded
    • – Secure Client Portal (24/7 for Viewing Accounts)
    • – TCPA Compliant Manual Contact System
  • Conversion Services
    • – Full Service Management of Legacy System
  • Value-Added Services
    • – Skip-Tracing
    • – Charity / Financial Assistance Processing
    • – Reporting / Analytics
    • – Cash Posting
    • – Mail Services

RSI has past and current experience in performing varying services throughout the revenue cycle/receivables vertical. Please find below a list of some of RSI’s satisfied healthcare clients:

  • VCU Health System, VA
  • HonorHealth, AZ
  • Sonora Quest Laboratories, AZ
  • Children’s National Medical Center, VA / DC
  • Tucson Medical Center, AZ

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