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The bad debt referral process requires proactive collection/call efforts to incent guarantors to pay. Letters alone do not collect debts. It is at this stage that RSI proposes to insert its collection/call strategies, utilizing its staff to make those proactive steps to improve liquidation.

While accounts are in bad debt, RSI will represent itself as RSI collecting on behalf of the client. All calls/letters will be in RSI’s name and payments will be processed through RSI’s payment portals/lockbox. This process includes but is not limited to: Manual phone calls, scheduled dialer campaigns/messaging, various payment options for guarantors, account scrubs, propensity-to-pay scoring (proprietary), dispute-handling, skip-tracing, credit reporting (if applicable) and compliant collection letters/notices.

An account will remain in bad debt until it is paid-in-full or until the end date of the project transition (as dictated by the client). This process will be based upon mutually agreed upon protocols.


  • Technology Solutions / Services
    • – Dialer Services
    • – Probability-to-Pay Scoring
    • – Online Payment Portal – Custom / Branded
    • – Secure Client Portal (24/7 for Viewing Accounts)
    • – TCPA Compliant Manual Contact System
  • Conversion Services
    • – Full Service Management of Legacy System:
  • Value-Added Services
    • – Skip-Tracing
    • – Charity / Financial Assistance Processing (Healthcare)
    • – Customized Reporting / Analytics
    • – Cash Posting
    • – Mail Services (Customized Letters / Notices)
    • – Client Training


  • Implementing an assertive, proactive collection campaign results in higher account resolution
  • Introducing scoring models and other technology tools produces greater liquidation/revenue.
  • Reduction in long-term costs for the client via increased collections and decreased process fees.

RSI’s will create a unique and customized project plan that will be tailored to the Client that will maximize revenue and customer service

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