RSI understands that the most compelling evidence of our commitment to partnership with our Clients can best be summed up in their own words. Here is a sample of what our customers are saying:

“…things are down to a smooth routine on both sides and we are very happy. Their staff is very responsive and pleasant to deal with.”

– City of Fresno, CA Fire Department

“RSI has proven to be a partner, not simply a collections vendor. The company is responsive to our needs as well as our patient needs. Unique for this business, is a partner who is skilled in Customer Service and equally skilled in the technical needs and requirements of healthcare billing, but I have found this company to be both. The Customer Service that RSI provides extends to our organization and to our patients. We measure other vendors by the yardstick RSI created.”

– VCU Health System – MCV Hospitals & Physicians

“Page Memorial Hospital has been in partnership with RSI Enterprises for ten years. That alone speaks volumes about the effectiveness of their recovery program. We have used as many as three agencies in the past and RSI always has the best recovery rate. In addition, their customer service is first rate and very professional. In the five years that I have worked with PMH, we have not had one legitimate complaint from our patients. I would strongly recommend RSI to handle any of your non-paying receivables.”

– Page Memorial Hospital

“We always get the best customer service when we deal with RSI. The personnel are very knowledgeable and very willing to help. They welcome any feedback from us and are always looking at ways to make their processes better and more accessible to their clients.”

– Rockingham Memorial Hospital

“In all of his years of working with collection agencies and managing the receivables of hospitals, he has never seen anyone who can deliver what RSI does, and offer the extensive value added services to the hospital, while nearly eliminating the complaints and consumer affairs issues normally associated with this effort.”

– Children’s National Medical Center

“Our partnership with RSI has always been one of respect, continuity and goal orientation. DCSE will continue to be a proud partner with RSI for many years to come.”

– Arizona Division of Child Support Enforcement

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