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Experience and Expertise Combined
With over 30 years in the industry, we take pride in being one of the most established and reputable firms in the collection sector. We bring together the right blend of advanced technology, an experienced management team, and skilled recovery specialists to guarantee results.


Tailored Solutions Across Various Markets
Whether you belong to Healthcare, Financial, or Government sectors, our diverse suite of services caters to all. From 1st to 3rd party collections, insurance billing, and third-party liability, we’ve got you covered.


Payment Portals

Hassle-free payments with our RSI Branded Payment Portal, supporting all major credit card types, HSA cards, ACH/Bank Accounts, and more.

Multi-Modal Communications

Stay connected through our Text Messaging Platform, Email Communications, and VoIP Dialer ensuring optimum flexibility and compliance.

Scoring Models & Auto-Scrubs

Advanced propensity-to-pay scoring and auto-scrubbing ensure maximum efficiency and collectability.

Ancillary Technology Solutions

Leveraging speech recognition, advanced screen monitoring, and a proprietary collection system, our integrated tech stack guarantees peak performance, security, and compliance.

Payment Portals:

  • RSI Branded Payment Portal tailored for bad debt specifics
  • One-Time Payments and Payment Plans, including auto-recurring options
  • Inbuilt Virtual Negotiator
  • Comprehensive payment method support: All Credit Card Types, HSA Cards, ACH/Bank Accounts, etc.

Multi-Modal Communications:

  • Text Messaging Platform with verified/certified 5-digit short codes, unlimited message scripts, and flexible timing for optimum compliance.
  • Email Communications equipped with flexible timing, visual payment portal links/URLs, and trackable status.
  • VoIP Dialer with TCPA Manually Approved Calling (MAC) Solution, which increases contact rate by 200%-300%. It also efficiently screens calls and offers real-time graphic reporting.

Scoring Models & Auto-Scrubs:

  • Propensity-to-Pay Scoring models, both standard and proprietary, assisting in account prioritization, charity account identification (specifically for medical), and maximizing efficiency.
  • Auto-Scrub technology for deceased, bankruptcy, demographic changes, potential charity (for medical), etc.

Ancillary Technology Solutions:

  • Speech Recognition Software: Offers real-time guidance, coaching, and quality assurance for seamless communication.
  • Screen Monitoring Tool: Provides remote screen monitoring, keystroke capture, real-time coaching alerts, and detailed screen recordings.
  • Collection Management System: Comprehensive automated account assignment, tailored work strategies, and numerous features to enhance productivity.


Your trust is paramount. With rigorous security protocols and regulatory compliances, we ensure that every piece of data is handled with the utmost care and confidentiality.

  • Security Protocols: Comprehensive measures including PCI/DSS, SOC 2 Type II, Data Encryption, Secure File Transfer Protocols (SFTP), and Annual Risk Assessments.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Abiding by laws and regulations like FDCPA, HIPAA-HITECH, FCRA, and more.


Our track record speaks for itself: 30+ years of experience, annual handling of over 8.5M calls, and $80.9M gross collections. What sets us apart:

  • Exceptional Dollar Recovery Rates
  • Advanced Technology and Flexibility
  • A Professional Approach to Receivables Management


  • “We have been extremely pleased with RSI’s support in our delinquent collections process and they remain a constant and steady vendor for us. They are quick to communicate any changes in technology, file transfer processes, etc. to make sure we are always able to provide the most up to date and accurate information for them to work with. They are timely with their payments, billing, and collections process. I look forward to our continued partnership with these services and would highly recommend then as a vendor to other organizations.”

    – – Zachary Tarlton, County/Municipal Client
  • “RSI Enterprises, Inc. is responsive and always provides timely updates, recommendations, and collection performance on assigned debt.”

    – – Debbe Brady, Credit Union Client
  • “RSI has always been very understanding and accommodating our challenges and special requirements for outsourcing. Any time we have a problem, they are willing and able to work with us timely and efficiently.”

    – – City/Municipal Client
  • “RSI offers proficient collection services and maintains a strong working relationship with us.”

    – – State Government Client
  • “RSI provides excellent quality of service, business relationship, collection performance, cost control and overall customer satisfaction. This outstanding performance has been realized over a 20+ year partnership.”

    – – City/Municipal Client
  • “I get that no one ‘likes’ to deal with debt collectors but, I have to say from my personal experience with RSI, they were exceptionally kind and courteous with each call I made or received. Thank you so much for being professional and helpful!”

    – – RSI Consumer – Amber (Google Reviews)
  • “The customer service was splendid. All my problems were solved.”

    – – RSI Consumer – Suzanne (Google Reviews)



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